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Shape item promise handler

: shell

: shape

: shape-handler

: /modules/core/ui/services/shape-item-promise-handler.js

: https://github.com/DecentCMS/DecentCMS/blob/master/modules/core/ui/services/shape-item-promise-handler.js


This shape is the place holder that the content manager puts into the shape tree when only the id is known, so we don't fetch content items earlier than necessary.

This handler replaces the promise shape with a content shape with local zones under it that carry the placed part shapes.

Kind: global variable


Adds an actual content shape for the content item from its shape-item-promise shape.

It then executes a local lifecycle for the new content shape, that goes through the following phases:

  • shape-handler.handle: gives a chance for handlers to handle the new shapes and create new ones.
  • placement-strategy.placeShapes: the new shapes created above can be dispatched to zones.

Kind: static method of ShapeItemPromiseHandler

Param Type Description
context object The context.
context.scope object The scope.
context.shape object The promise shape.
context.renderStream object The render stream.