DecentCMS aims at being a decent CMS written in Node. Its design principles are inherited from Drupal and Orchard CMS.


The current state of DecentCMS is: naked.

The system can handle very simple sites, in a runtime-only fashion. There is no dashboard yet.

All code is subject to change and refactoring.


The following features are implemented:

  • Module system, with scoped dependency injection and automatic detection and loading of services.
  • Themes
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Navigation menus
  • Querying (file-based index provider)
  • Content type system
  • Widgets
  • Documentation
  • Express compatibility
  • File-based content store
  • CouchDB content store
  • Markdown
  • Template overloading
  • Code-based asynchronous view engine
  • Dust-based asynchronous view engine
  • Localization base infrastructure
  • Tokens
  • Logging (using Winston)
  • JSON API (read-only)

Future features include:

  • CouchDB index provider
  • Localization implementation
  • Dashboard
  • Workflows
  • Authentication
  • Installer

Road map

The road map is determined by me, based on what I think are the most urgent features, on what my customers ask me to build, and on user and contributor feedback.

Near future milestones are:

  • Flattening module dependencies to reduce startup time, disk, and memory footprints
  • Extraction of multi-tenancy code as a standalone library
  • Workflows
  • Authentication and basic dashboard infrastructure
  • All features manageable through dashboard
  • Move to EcmaScript 2018

Past milestones:

  • First publicly accessible web site running DecentCMS:
  • Documentation and community site running DecentCMS:
  • Documentation up-to-date with code. There is still much work to do, but there is basic documentation for everything.


There is an experimental installation procedure for the moment that can be found at

Does this project take contributions?

Yes, please.

The source code for DecentCMS is hosted on Github:

The web site for the project can be found here:

Join the chat at