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The feed module adds routes and handlers tha serve RSS, Atom, and JSON feeds.


When the module is enabled, adding /rss, /atom, or /json at the end of a content item's URL yields a feed of the corresponding flavor.


This becomes interesting when the content item has a query-part: in that case, the feed module can automatically map the search results onto a well-formed feed.

The default mapping should be enough in most cases, as it relies on reasonable conventions and defaults, but this can be overridden in case this is not sufficient.

Default mappings

The default feed mapping is as follows:

  title: item.title && item.title.text ? item.title.text : item.title ? item.title : site.name,
  description: item.body ? item.body.text : null,
  id: item.url,
  link: item.url,
  image: item.baseUrl + site.icon,
  favicon: item.baseUrl + site.favicon,
  copyright: site.copyright,
  generator: 'DecentCMS',
  author: {
    name: site.authors.join(', '),
    email: site.email
  postsShapeName: 'query-results',
  postsShapeProperty: 'results'

The postShapeName and postsShapeProperty properties of the mapping defines what handled shape to map. If this shape and property can't be found in the content zone after being handled by the content pipeline. These defaults correspond to the shape that the query-part creates.

Once the feed has been mapped, each items in the results is mapped as follows:

  title: post.title,
  id: item.baseUrl + '/' + post.url,
  link: item.baseUrl + '/' + post.url,
  description: post.summary,
  content: post.body ? post.body.text : null,
  author: {
    name: post.authors ? post.authors.join(', ') : null,
    email: post.email
  date: new Date(post.date),
  image: post.image

Overriding mappings

Any of the default mappings can be overridden with settings on the type definition or on the content item itself.

If the content item's type definition, or the item's meta object has a feedmapping or a postMapping property, its properties can define JavaScript expressions (as strings) that override the defaults.

Overrides on items have priority over type defintion overrides, which have priority over defults.