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Running tests

In Decent CMS, every module comes with its own tests. It is possible to run tests either on a specific module, or for all of them at once.


All built-in modules use the Mocha test framework. In order to run tests, you should have Mocha installed globally:

npm install -g mocha

Running tests for a single module or theme from the command-line

To execute tests on a single module or theme, simply cd to its directory (the one that has the package.json file), and run npm test command.

Running tests on all modules and themes from the command-line

To run all tests from all modules and themes, cd to the root of your Decent CMS install, and run the npm test command.

Running tests from VS Code

Decent CMS is built using VS Code as the code editor of choice. It is possible to run tests using the Mocha sidebar, which will automatically discover all the tests for all modules and themes.

The Mocha sidebar extension also makes it very easy to debug into test code.