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: /modules/core/search/services/index.js

: https://github.com/DecentCMS/DecentCMS/blob/master/modules/core/search/services/index.js


Builds indexes from content items and map functions.

index.getIndex() ⇒ object

Creates or gets an index.

Returns: object - The index object.

Param Type Description
[context.idFilter] RegExp A regular expression that validates content item ids before they are read and indexed.
context.map function The map function takes a content item and returns an array of index entries, a single index entry, or null. An index entry should have an id property. It is recommended to name the map function.
[context.orderBy] function The function that defines the order on which the index entries should be sorted. It takes an index entry, and returns the sort order. The sort order can be a simple string, date, number, or it can be an array, in which case the items in the array will be used one after the other. It is recommended to name the order function.
[context.name] string A name for the index. If not provided, one will be built from the other parameters.