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Adding settings to a theme

In DecentCMS, themes are just modules that are under the "themes" directory. The convention is that they should only contain "theme-y" things, such as template overrides, stylesheets, icons, etc., but essentially they are modules (and modules could in principle do theme-y things, as themes can do module-y things). One of the things a module can do is expose features, and those features can have settings that can be defined at the level of the site.

The first thing we'll want to do, then, is to define a feature on our theme: open the theme's package.json file and add the following section...

"features": {
  "default-theme-settings": {
    "name": "Default theme settings",
    "description": "Settings for the default theme"

In the /sites/name-of-the-site/settings.json file for your site, under the features section, add the following settings definition (I'm only defining a background color here, but you can define any number of settings you want, and they don't have to be limited to string values):

"default-theme-settings": {
  "background-color": "#c0c0c0"

Finally, edit any of the templates under the "views" subdirectory of your theme (we're changing '/themes/default/views/layout.tl' here), and add code that uses the settings we added, that can be found under the site.features.default-theme-settings object:

<body role="document"
  style="background-color: {site.features.default-theme-settings.background-color};">

And that's it: the background color of the site now reflects the site settings.